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Bla-bla List is getting sued by Channel Intelligence

Dear Bla-bla List users,

Today I received a letter from the lawyers of Channel Intelligence, claiming that Bla-bla List is infringing their U.S. Patent No. 6,917,941. You can find the letter as a 1MB PDF file, you can also read it directly from the embedded document below. The entire document, including the patent is available as a 10MB PDF file. Note that we're not alone and that several other similar websites have been sued also.

I'm notifying you about this lawsuit since Bla-bla List has always been a free service that doesn't generate any revenue. If I need to chose between paying expensive legal fees or keeping the service operational, I will probably take the website down.

If you can provide me with any advise or help, please contact me at info@blablalist.com.

Thanks a lot for using Bla-bla List and let's hope that you will be able to continue to do so.

Best regards,


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