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  1. Why should I use this instead of Stickies or my Palm organizer?

    Bla-bla List allows you to share your lists publicly with the world and securely work with them in a collaborative fashion. Thanks to the underlying architecture it is possible to easily integrate Bla-bla List in other applications or to build other user interfaces for it. Who knows, maybe your Palm will be able to benefit from Bla-bla in the future.

    Why don't you try it out, it's free!

    If you like it, don't hesitate to let us know about it, we love hearing from our users!

  2. Will this work on any computer?

    The current interface relies on Flash. This technology makes the application behave as a desktop application: your actions are almost instant, pages don't need to fully load, features like drag & drop and assistive visual effects are possible. Flash allows for all this to work in most web browsers, so you can use it from anywhere without installation.

    You can for instance create a list of places to visit before leaving on a holiday. You do this comfortably at home by browsing the web and adding everything you want to see to your list. Once you've arrived at your destination, you simply go to an internet cafe, look at your list and maybe add a couple of things that you read about in the plane. Each day you can rearrange things, check off what you've seen and add new items. Once you're back home, you can look at your list again and see everything that you've done. It can't be more convenient!

  3. I'm running Linux and I can't type into the text fields, what do I do?

    Flash and Laszlo rely on Microsoft's TrueType core fonts being installed on your system. Please follow the instructions from this page to install them. Everything should work correctly after that.

  4. Isn't this a blatant clone of Ta-da List?

    Indeed, that was actually the initial purpose. During a technical debate, the authors and supporters of Ta-da List claimed that their technology was shorter and quicker to write than anything else. They claimed it was a revolution in web application development. We created Bla-bla List to prove that other technologies are equally viable and make it possible to offer even more without much additional effort.

    We noticed that a number of Ta-da List features could be improved upon and that creating a flexible and open-source back-end for developers would open up another world of possibilities.

  5. How is this free?

    We hope that bannering and spontaneous contributions will cover the cost of hosting and bandwidth.

    We decided to make it free and open-source to promote the application framework we believe in.

  6. Is it really free without limitations?

    Indeed it is, though we plan on adding additional features that would require a minimal monthly fee. The basic version will remain free as long as we're able to cover the hosting and bandwidth costs. Consider clicking banners if they look interesting to your or sending us a spontaneous contribution.

  7. What happens with my personal data?

    All information that is collected during the use of Bla-bla List will solely be used for the operation of the application and the service as a whole. We will never sell or hand out your information in any way.

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