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The initial purpose of Bla-bla List was to demonstrate that it doesn't require much code to write an application like this with RIFE, our favourite web framework. The next logical step was to release it as an open-source application under a dual CDDL/LGPL license so that any developer could freely look at it, get inspiration for his own applicationd and maybe even contribute to Bla-bla List.

During the development of the application we decided to write the server-side tier as a collection of REST webservices. The current user interface in Laszlo is merely one possible client for it.

Due to our own interest in rich internet applications, we're now planning on creating other interfaces in other technologies. In time, this could become an interesting comparison resource.

Future plans (or where you can help out)

Currently the application is very simple. While that certainly has its value, some important features are missing and many of our users have already asked for them. Here is a non-exhaustive list of features that we'd like to add. This is were you can help making Bla-bla List better!


  • Due dates
  • Reminders
  • Sub-tasks
  • iCal support
  • Completion indicator
  • Email notifications of list changes

User interface

  • Ajax version
  • XUL version
  • Macromedia Flex version
  • Thinlet version
  • J2ME mobile phone version
  • MacOSX Tiger Dashboard widget
  • IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Eclipse plugin
  • Gnome applet

More information

As a developer you can find all Bla-bla List information at

The wiki contains the developer documentation. It is currently being written.

The forum allows you to exchange your thoughts with other Bla-bla List users and developers.

The issue tracker contains the outstanding issues. If certain features are important to you, it's possible to vote on them to make us aware of your interest.

The version control repository contains the source code and you need Subversion to check it out.

The download area contains released versions that have been thoroughly tested and packaged. logo

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