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Registration and list creation screenshot

Register and create your list in a matter of seconds ...

Since Bla-bla List is web-based, you don't have to install anything to be able to use it. Just start filling out the registration form. It takes no time at all. You'll be able to create your first list as soon as the data is submitted.

The interface has been designed to take up little screen space, so you can keep your list window open just like post-it notes. Your lists can be accessed from anywhere with any browser that supports Flash.

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Secure continuous editing screenshot

Continue what you were doing when your session times out ...

You gain access to your personal lists after authenticating yourself. For your security however, you will have to authenticate again after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Since this timeout typically kicks in after you perform an action, Bla-bla List has a unique mechanism that remembers what you wanted to do. Your original action will execute automatically after re-authenticating. You may continue using the application as if nothing had happened.

Watch a video of someone working with his lists with an artificial session timeout of 5 seconds (1 minute 9 seconds, 1.2 MB)
Public sharing screenshot

Allow the world to see your list at the address of your choice ...

Any list can be shared publicly so that everyone can see it with a regular web browser. You are free to choose a unique address for your list, making it easy for people to remember it.

An RSS feed will also be set up. This is very convenient since any news aggregator can be used to be automatically kept up-to-date with the modifications that are made to your list.

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Private sharing screenshot

Securely work with other people on the same lists ...

You may invite anyone with an email address to manage a list together with you. If the person hasn't got a Bla-bla List account yet, they will be able to register.

The invitation email provides them with a unique address that will be valid only once. As soon as the list is added to your invitee's account, nobody else will be able to use the address. You get complete flexibility without compromising on security!

Watch a video of someone privately sharing a list and someone else modifying it (1 minute 2 seconds, 1.5 MB)
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